"Iowa City’s economy depends on underage drinking."

- My English professor. (via lucycampie)

Might well be true, but it would be nice to have (a) some concrete evidence from (2) someone who studies economies instead if literature (3) who has a name and not just a title.” — an anonymous person on the Internet.

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Early Morning Seattle (by thatcherk1)

Crap, I can’t remember where I found this… :(

I remember seeing it come throughout the Stellar interesting feed.

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Hurtling Toward the Void: There's no need to fear; Underdog is here!


Fans of other playoff baseball teams are making a case for you to support their colors, so I’ll make mine. It’s quite simple, really:

Total payroll of 2011 MLB playoff teams
New York Yankees $202,689,028
Philadelphia Phillies $172,976,379
Detroit Tigers $105,700,231
St. Louis Cardinals…

Look, I like the Rays. Hell, I’ll root for them over every team in the league except the Phillies. But the payroll argument doesn’t hold water for me. I mean, at least since Phillies management decided to spend big money on free agents to win a title, anyway.

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Missing e {browser extension for tumblr}: The future is not bright for 'Missing e'


Moments ago, I participated in surprise conference call with Tumblr staff members. They have indicated to me that they continue to take issue with Missing e even with the removal of usage of the Tumblr API.

They interpret the Tumblr API License Agreement in such a way as it continues to apply…

tl;dr: Tumblr is cutting its nose off to spite its face by fighting a user-installed browser extension that addresses usability issues that Tumblr hasn’t addressed itself.

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  • Question: Your poster is on its way! I'm glad you got your postcard :D - cuddlycolin
  • Answer:

    I’ve backed a half dozen Kickstarter projects, and Colin is the first to deliver tangible goodness, so hooray for that!



BREAKING NEWS! The recent giant squid activity seems to have provoked a passing group of interplanetary-trotter-bots. Here we see one of the visiting robots shouting out in surprise as he catches a glimpse of the beast as it sneaks up on its prey, a lady much, much too small to be hugged by its giant suckery clutches.

Postcard #0005

This one’s mine! It just arrived the other day.

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An incredibly long joke


I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way that a joke this long is worth it. But hey, think of it as basically a very entertaining short story with a joke punchline. That last part isn’t bolted on either - you kind of need the whole setup for the punchline to work.

Read it!

I just Instapaper’d a joke, and it’s now the longest thing in my queue.

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Neven Mrgan's tumbl: Apple's TV


A device you have on you all the time is by definition a bigger deal than a device you have in your living room

iPads are clearly a big deal, perhaps bigger than iPhones, but not, I would argue, something most people have on them all the time. In fact, most people probably keep them in their living rooms (or bed rooms).

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A PlayBook To Take On Apple?


My review of the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s all in there, overall a valiant effort. But the key question: does it compare to the iPad? 


But I will say this — at least they have a goddamn way to take screenshots right on the device without having to install some SDK bullshit and hook your device to your machine.

You hear that, Android?

What Google misses with the inability to take screenshots with Android is marketing. Posted screenshots say, subletly, “Hey, look at this person using an iPhone to do something.”

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Looks like the New York Times finally started posting to Tumblr...



…but I think they’re missing a reblog button.

Was that intentional or is it a bug?

You can Reblog if you get through to the actual post like in this example. The default view is to show posts without leaving the page (watch the URL - its just the hash changing).

More hashbang breaking the Internet craziness!

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